BallistiSeal ADVANCED is an ultra-hard, proprietary polyester blend with two components, which, once mixed and shaken, is ready to use. This high-gloss, low-VOC mixture exhibits exceptionally high cross-linking density, which creates superior chemical and mechanical resistance and allows for multiple coats if desired. BallistiSeal ADVANCED can be a standalone topcoat or paired with our other BallistiX products. This topcoat can be applied to various surfaces, including tile and grout, concrete, epoxy, stones, plastic, and more.

This should be reserved for your top of the line crème de la crème jobs! Ballistiseal Advanced (Our strongest highest density, highest performance priming agent) is a 2 part priming agent and 2 part topcoat, however – there is no serious chemistry involved; simply – mix and proceed! This system is incredibly strong and covered with the most chemically resistant product we offer called “Stealth Coat”! An ideal system to put in high traffic warehouses, hangars, high turnover grocery stores, automotive repair shops and dealerships! The chemical resistance is unreal! Currently the stealth coat is the easiest (spray and mop) product to install! It does not alter DOI over polish and does not impact sheen of what lies beneath it. This will be the highest performing grind and seal system you will ever use! Super quick and easy!

Available in 5 Gallon or 1 Gallon.


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

1 Gallon, 5 Gallons

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