BallistiSeal PRO is a single-component, epoxy acrylic sealer that is perfect for a wide variety of concrete surfaces requiring additional defense. It is quick-drying, delivers excellent water resistance, and offers durability for indoor and outdoor applications. This unique formula provides all the performance benefits of a 2-component system in an easy-to-use single-component system.

Ballistiseal-PRO (coupled with NCO or Squire most commonly) but can be used under all of our systems except the Stelath Coat. This is going to take more of a beating and offer a stronger bond between your priming agent and the slab! Where your Basic system is great for residential and light commercial, the pro system is going to be seen more often times on commercial systems like automotive repair shops, and areas with higher traffic. It’s extremely quick and easy install!

Available in 5 Gallon or 1 Gallon.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

1 Gallon, 5 Gallons