The clear Liquid Release allows for texturing and removal of texture mat while leaving the imprint intact. With a slight bubble gum odor and a longer open time. Liquid Release is the release agent for the 21st Century.
Apply Liquid Release with a pump up type sprayer. Apply to surfaces at the rate of 200 ft2 per gallon for concrete, and 175 ft2 per gallon for polymer overlays.

1. Spray the tools. Usually one coat is sufficient.
2. Spray the surface to be stamped. Only cover an area that can be stamped in approximately 20 minutes, or a second application may be required.
3. Allow the floor to stand open for several hours. The Liquid Release will evaporate.
Never trowel Liquid Release into the fresh concrete. Liquid Release contains no hazardous aromatic solvents, and with a flash point greater than 142°F (61°C), it poses a far lower safety hazard than common liquid release agents and without the mess of powders. This is particularly important with interior applications.
Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in