MPC-301 is a two-component, high-solids, aliphatic polyurethane coating designed as a UV-stable, chemical-resistant topcoat. It gives a lustrous appearance and demonstrates excellent physical properties and resistance to industrial traffic. It can be applied over an epoxy primer or used to coat an existing epoxy or urethane coating. This product is also ecological and contains no VOCs.

Principal applications

– UV stable topcoats

– Industrial Use

– Garages; Warehouses; Airports and hangars; Processing and manufacturing  plants. Maintenance facilities

Packaging and Recommended Thickness  MPC- 301 is offered in the following kit sizes: – 1-gallon kit (3.78L) / Mix Ratio by volume 4A:1B  – Bulk packaging also available upon request     Product Coverage: 500 sq. ft. / 3.78L (1 US gal.) @ 3.2 mils dft (81 microns)     Surface Preparation  Remove dust, dirt, grease, oil and all other contaminants with proper cleaner/degreaser. Prepare the surface mechanically as per ICRI-CSP2 profile by diamond grinding to ensure removal of laitance, curing agents and sealers. The compressive strength of a newly poured concrete substrate must be at least 25 MPA (3635 psi) after 28 days cure and at least 1.5 MPA (218 psi) tensile strength. Be careful with condensation (within 10 degrees of the dew point).


Mixing Instructions  Pre-mix each component separately for 2-3 minutes each. Open container of component A then add component B to it (mixing ratio 4:1 by volume). Mix the components for at least 2-3 minutes using a low- speed drill (300-450 rpm) to reduce air entrapment and to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Product Application  Aliphatic polyurethane for finish coat

1. Apply 1st coat of MPC-301 using a rubber squeegee and roll to obtain a uniform coating (using a fine quality 10mm roller).

2. Apply 2nd coat of MPC-301 as a finish coat, using a fine quality 10mm roller. Clean equipment with xylene. Once the product has hardened, it may only be removed mechanically.

Product Restrictions

– Not recommended for application at temperatures below 10°C/50°F or above 30°C/86°F.

– Ambient humidity of the surroundings should not exceed 85% during application and during curing process.

– Substrate temperature must be 3°C(5.5°F) above measured dew point.

– Humidity content of substrate must be <4% at time of application.

– Do not apply on porous surfaces where a transfer of humidity may occur during the application.

– Applying this product on a substrate without a moisture barrier may risk delamination due to hydrostatic pressure.

– Freshly applied product must be protected against moisture, condensation and water for at least 48 hours.

Health and Safety  Components A and B contain toxic ingredients. Consult the safety data sheet (S.D.S) for further information.


Technical Documents

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