The CPS 2″ Resin Pucks is a standard resin bond line great for honing and polishing concrete. They work great after transitional from metals to hybrid bond tooling such as CPS Aqua or Mach series. Each tool connects to plates via Velcro backing and is held in place by a plastic peg located on the back of each tool.

• Standard resin bond series
• Simple and easy to use
• 6 post style puck
• Various grits available

1500 Grit Yellow – This product will add clarity to the 800 grit polish by reducing diamond swirls.

800 Grit White – Will reflect overhead lighting from a distance of 30 ft. This is the most popular finish in commercial and industrial applications.

400 Grit Red – For removal of 100 or 200 grit resin bond scratches. Will leave a honed finish.

200 Grit Blue – Used for removal of 150 grit metal bond or 100 grit resin scratches. Will leave a matte finish.

100 Grit Black – For removal of 150 grit scratches in a polishing application. Will leave a matte finish.


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

1500 Yellow, 800 White, 400 Red, 200 Blue, 100 Black