Introducing COUNTERATTACK – the result of channeling customer feedback into the ultimate epoxy powerhouse! This game-changing formula combines the best features of all our sealers, creating a versatile superhero that goes beyond expectations.

Imagine the anti-corrosive might of KEVLAR, the expansive wonders of RANGER, the top-notch chemical resistance of SQUIRE, and the easy installation of our low-solids NCO – all rolled into one dynamic solution. COUNTERATTACK isn’t just a product; it’s a revolution used across nine diverse industries.

Originally crafted for a food-safe, bacteria-fighting, high-heat, and practically scratch-proof environment, COUNTERATTACK evolved into something much bigger. Its spray-only application defies the norms, seamlessly adhering without repelling or rejecting like other touchy reactive silanes. Ideal for focal and vertical applications, COUNTERATTACK defies its name – it’s not just for counters!

While it’s tough enough to handle the harshest foot traffic, don’t let the name fool you – COUNTERATTACK is not your average ceramic coating for vehicles. Tailored for hard surfaces, this technology ensures resilience and easy installation. It’s not just a sealer; it’s a statement of durability and versatility. Unleash COUNTERATTACK and let your surfaces thrive under any pressure!

Available in both (1) Gallon and (1) Quart.
Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 13 in

Quart, Gallon