The Guzzler is the ultimate in high-speed recovery of scrubbing and stripping solutions. Retrieve up to 30,000 sqft/hr (2787m2/h) at walking speed. The easy to use Guzzler will squeegee a floor at TWICE the speed of the other conventional recovery methods, and will not create additional foaming. The Guzzler costs less to buy than one autoscrubber repair bill.
Solution Retriever With 36 Gallon (136 L) Capacity Productivity: Twice the speed of an autoscrubber, with a 30” (76cm) squeegee path retrieves solution up to 30,000 sqft/hr (2787 m2/h). Efficient: Up to 50% faster than other conventional recovery methods with no de-foamer required. Dependable: No motors, batteries or electric cords means no downtime for drained battery or blown fuse. Portable: Dry weight of 65 pounds (30kg). Compact size and easy to maneuver.
Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 48 in