With the addition of the Ameripolish® Penetrating Agent, the acetone flash is delayed from 7-8 seconds to 30+ seconds, providing ample time for dyes to penetrate further into the concrete and additional decorative applications to be performed. For use with any Ameripolish® solvent-based dye: Classic Dye, ColorSolve, or Dye-N-Seal SB.
  • Improves dye penetration.
  • Minimizes surface residue and reduces materials waste.
  • Very easy to use container, just add 4oz to a premixed gallon of dye.
  • Extends the drying time of Ameripolish® solvent-based dyes.
  • Can be used on most cementitious surfaces.
  • Ideal for very dense or hard concrete where normal dye will not penetrate.
Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in